Learn Basque in a nice way with our audiovisual method

A learning method to inmerse yourself in the Basque language while having fun

Listen, repeat, visualize the texts and / or play with the children. Use the application a few minutes a day and …
You will be surprised of the results!

Our applications

Different formats to reach most of your devices


Application for computer in Excel format. The most complete version of the moment.


Executable (.exe)

Executable application for PC. No need to have Excel installed on your computer.



Application for Mac computer.
Winebottler must be previously installed (free app).



App for Android devices, available at Google PlayStore.

SPA-CAT-ENG (depending on your phone’s configuration).


iOS version will be a reality in the coming months thanks to the Crowdfunding done in 2019. Request it now!

The learning method

The secret of our method: We use all the techniques collected in the pyramid of learning.

we remember 10% of what we read

we remember 20% of what we hear

we remember 30% of what we see

we remember 50% of what we see and hear

we remember 80% of what we do

Last News

These are some of the ideas we are working on and others that are already a reality

What do users think about us?

Your ratings make us GROW!

"Kaixo, I loved the video presentation. No better or more motivated to learn a language is that of the beloved."

Josep Mº
"It is very good to learn easily. They teach you to pronounce through visual locutions, I also see how easy it is to write, in short, if you want to learn Basque, this is your application"

"I encourage you to immerse yourself in the fascinating adventure of Basque! Follow @Metodoeseyde on YouTube! The best way to learn "Lingua Navarrorum", because it makes learning a real pleasure! The oldest living language in the world is waiting for you. Esan BAI EUSKARARI! Euskaraz Bizi Nahi Dugu!"

The Crowdfunding campaigns
Android (2018) and iOS (2019)...

Had been successfully closed !!!

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